“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.”

– Christine Gregoire

About Gallagher Learning Center

Deirdre Gallagher grew up in Castleisland, Ireland, in a very Catholic household. After embarking on her university studies in Madrid, one day at the Irish embassy, she sat next to a man who she would later find out was Bing Crosby. “By fate,” according to Mrs. Gallagher, “I happened to be sitting right next to him.” Bing had three children who needed a teacher since they traveled with him for work. She had all the qualifications he wanted. He questioned if she wanted to come to America and teach his kids. Without even thinking about it she said ‘no’. Mrs. Gallagher remembers thinking she wasn’t ready for such a bold move.

After she graduated months later she received a telegram from Bing Crosby saying he was coming to Ireland and wondered if he and his wife might meet with her. She went and met the couple in Dublin and Bing asked again if she would come to America and teach his children. This time she proudly accepted.

She taught the Crosby children in their Hillsdale, California home until she met her future husband and fellow Irishman. They were later married a year later and began a family in the Bay Area.

She began tutoring her children and their friends and quickly got quite the following and reputation for being very good at teaching and preparing children for standardized exams, especially the HSPT.

In 1990, she launched the Gallagher Learning Center. Her business quickly spread to families throughout the bay area. She started primarily helping prepare children for the 8th grade HSPT / SSAT / ISEEto get into Private Schools and Catholic High Schools. Later expanding to SAT / ACT prep and subject matter tutoring.
Over the years, she honed the curriculum and unique system which over nearly three decades has helped thousands of children achieve top scores and get admitted into the most prestigious and competitive schools. Today as President Emeritus, she continues to be the inspiration behind the vision, quality and success of the programs which have continued to grow online throughout the United States.