Affordable Tutoring ServicesAffordable Tutoring Services

Affordable Tutoring Services

Sooner or later, most kids will hit an academic obstacle their parents can not help them overcome on their own. Tutors who specialize in the area of study your child is struggling in is the ideal solution, but they don’t always come at ideal prices. The cost of tutoring can range from as little as $20 to $400 an hour, and the price tag does not necessarily reflect the quality. Thankfully, there are some affordable tutoring services and options out there. You just need to know where to look..

For parents, here are 6 Tips For Finding An Affordable Tutoring Services.

1. Visit The Local Library

Affordable Tutoring Services

Local Libraries often offer excellent learning resources for children, especially those struggling with reading. Many public libraries provide free reading tutoring, including increasingly popular “reading to dog” programs.

The Bark magazine discusses how studies have proven Reading To Dogs Benefits Children.  Libraries have caught on to this and have partnered with organizations which train service dogs to become silent tutors for children learning to read. Of course, the dog “tutors” are teaching confidence more than anything by removing stress and anxiety from a challenging situation.

2. Ask Your Child’s Teacher

Affordable Tutoring Services

It is unlikely your child’s teacher will offer out-of-school tutoring themselves but it is likely they can recommend great tutors in your area. They can also make you aware of tutoring programs their school offers that you may not have known about or even “buddy tutoring programs” that link high school students with younger students who need help.

3. Consider Group Tutoring

Affordable Tutoring Services

For parents, when talking to your child’s teacher, ask them if one or two other students are struggling in the same subject as yours that could benefit from similar tutoring. Ask the teacher the favor of sharing your contact information with their parents to see if they are interested going in group tutoring lessons. Chances are, at least one of them will be and you can both benefit from “bulk” pricing. However, try to limit it to three or four children to ensure each receives quality attention.

4. Seek Help From College Applicants

Affordable Tutoring Services

Teenagers preparing to apply to college are excellent people to reach out to for affordable tutoring because they are always looking for extracurricular activities to bolster their college applications. First, look to family and friends who have teenage children. If that doesn’t work out, you can post on your neighborhood’s online community boards or contact guidance counselors at the local high school and inquire if there are any students they would recommend. Tutoring can be a win-win for your child and the high school student and works well even if your child is a high school student themselves.  

5. Try Online Tutoring

Affordable Tutoring Services

Many professional tutoring services like Gallagher Prep, now offer online tutoring, giving you access to proven materials and activities, as well as experienced tutors, that accelerate your child’s learning. The Department of Education conducted an in-depth study on Evidence That Tutoring Works, revealed the most effective tutoring programs utilize research-based study materials and professionally trained tutors. In addition to the affordable online versions of their tutoring programs, professional tutoring services also offer group tutoring, allowing you to again cash in on bulk pricing.

6. Reach Out To Local Colleges And Universities

Affordable Tutoring Services

All college students have a lot of experience with one thing: learning. Their whole lives up to this point have revolved around schooling, so what better resource pool to help your student overcome their academic challenges? Many of them leverage their experience to put a little extra cash toward their growing student loans. Job boards are typically posted at college food courts or are found online. If you don’t see the tutoring service you are looking for, you may be able to post a “tutor wanted” flyer to recruit a passerby who is qualified to fill the role.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to your community. No parent wants a limited budget to limit their child’s education. Gallagher Prep and other valuable tutoring resources can help your child achieve their academic goals without breaking the bank.

Contact Us for more information on how Gallagher Prep’s affordable tutoring services and online programs can help your child gain confidence and earn better grades.

Gallagher Prep has been around for over 30 years helping thousands of children achieve top scores and get admitted to the most prestigious and competitive schools.  Taking prep classes and having someone leading the way can help further educate both you and your child.

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