“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.”

– Christine Gregoire

Speed Reading

Taught by an experienced instructor, this seminar style class covers specific study skills for both fiction and non-fiction reading. Class discussions cover interesting topics while practice is focused on timed speed reading sessions and study skills.


We’re excited to announce a brand new writing curriculum written by a former colleague of renowned writing expert Lucy Calkins specifically for our students. This workshop will explore fictional writing and teach the skills to become a more advanced academic writer


Taught by native speakers, our Spanish class is run in a fun and interactive format to encourage students to become more comfortable, fluent and conversational.

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Homework Help

This program provides direct supervision and careful assistance with your child’s homework assignments. Whether it is a math worksheet, a book report, or a science project, our tutors will ensure that the work is completed and completed correctly. Consistent effort in completing homework assignments results in good grades and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Summer Enrichment& Remediation

This program focuses on specific areas of English and math in which students need assistance to reach grade level results, or in which students are seeking to surpass current grade levels. The program reviews the fundamentals of each subject, ensuring that the “building blocks” are in place, and then builds from there.

Summer Bridge to High School

To ensure a smooth transition into high school, we offer summer courses in algebra, geometry, and English/study skills/writing. These classes are for incoming freshmen and will use the textbooks that will be required for high school classes, including the summer reading requirements for English. This helps familiarize students with some of the freshman year work before the school year begins. In addition, we focus on expository writing, as it is a requirement for the SAT and the ACT. Students may take any combination of classes, and we will work around vacations, camps, and the like.


This program prepares high school juniors for standardized tests used in college applications. Students review material tested on the SAT and ACT while practicing test-taking strategy.

All students are given a diagnostic test. Testing ensures that students are receiving the appropriate level of challenge and avoids being re-taught skills they already possess.

Diagnostic tests are scheduled by appointment only.

To schedule a test, please call (408) 376-0752.