Speed Reading/Study Skills

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.”

– Christine Gregoire

Study Skills Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Study Skills and Homework
    • The study environment
    • Studying vs. Doing Homework
    • How to Read a Textbook
    • Follow These Tips to Maximize Learning
    • Reading Comprehension Suggestions
  • Organization and Time-Management
    • Explain the Philosophy of Conditioning
    • Conditioning While in School
    • Conditioning at Home
    • Planning Big Projects
  • Test-Preparation
    • General Test Prep Tips
    • When Memorizing…
    • Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Test Prep
  • Test-Taking Strategies
    • Avoiding Test Anxiety
    • Specific Tips by Test-Type
  • Individual guides for grades 6-12

The axiom “work smarter, not harder” applies to students just as much as the workforce. Our Study Skills course teaches students how to effectively and efficiently tackle homework, studying, projects, tests, and more. This course is beneficial for all students from grades 6-12, with individual guides for each grade level covering:

  • Study Skills & Homework
  • Organization & Time-Management
  • Test-Preparation
  • Test-Taking Strategies