ACT Basics

One of the two most common standardized tests for college admissions, the ACT measures a student’s academic ability in English, math, reading, science, and an optional writing section. The ACT serves as a basis for colleges to compare students’ skills on a national level.

How can Gallagher Prep Help with ACT Scores?

With ACT Test Prep, your son or daughter will:

  • Improve quickly With our experienced tutors and proprietary study materials, students can master the test content in as little as five to eight weeks.
  • Improve quickly With our experienced tutors and proprietary study materials, students can master the test content in as little as five to eight weeks.
  • Identify areas needing the most improvement Instead of weighing all the content equally, we identify the skills and subjects where the student needs the most improvement to make the most of their study sessions and homework.
  • Learn in efficient and effective ways Your student will benefit from a mixture of study methods, including face-to-face sessions, online activities, and mock exams. This combination optimizes your student’s ability to absorb and understand the content of the exam.

What do we offer?

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Class Structure

We offer both 1-on-1 tutoring and group classes


Course Content

Our tutors can identify the core areas needing improvement and customize a study plan on an individual basis


Teachers & Materials

Our experienced tutors combine comprehensive study materials and test-taking strategies based on the most recent developments of the ACT to create the most effective lesson plans

Convenient Schedules

We offer afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions to account for busy high school schedules.

HSPT frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How is the ACT Test formatted?

Duration 2 hrs 55 minutes without the essay 3 hrs 35 minutes with the essay
  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing (optional)
  • 75 questions; 45 minutes
  • 60 questions; 60 minutes
  • 40 questions; 35 minutes
  • 40 questions; 35 minutes
  • 1 question; 40 minutes
Essay? Optional, known as ACT Writing. The ACT Essay costs an additional $16.50 and adds 40 minutes to the exam.
Cost $50.50 (no Writing) $67 (with Writing)
Score Range 1-36
Average Score 21
Registration Online, at least 5 weeks before the exam date.

Late registration may be available for an additional fee up to three weeks before the exam.

Can I cancel my scores?

You cannot cancel your scores, but you may retake the ACT as many times as you like. Your scores are reported individually, allowing you to submit the score(s) from your most successful exam day(s) to your prospective colleges.

How is the ACT scored?

The scores from the four ACT sections are averaged into a composite score between 1-36. The optional writing test is not scored but can be provided to your college as a writing sample.

How long does the ACT Test last?

Testing time for the four required sections is 2 hours and 55 minutes with an additional 40 minutes for the optional writing section.

How important are ACT Scores?

The importance of ACT scores varies from school to school, but it does serve to gauge you against other applicants. You can contact the admissions offices at prospective schools to inquire more about their admissions process and what they are looking for in their applicants.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

The answer depends on the schools you are applying to. Some schools do have a preference, but, otherwise, the choice is up to you. Many students decide which to submit after receiving their exam results.

How do I register for the ACT Test?

You can register online at Registration deadlines fall approximately five weeks before each test date. You can get registration materials from your school counselor, or call ACT, Inc. at 319–337–1270 to request a registration packet.