“A Tutor Can Make a World of Difference to a Child”

– Jerry Pearlman


For entering 3rd-5th graders,these classes focus on the foundations of common core math, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


We have created an Algebra program to prepare and score well on the high school placement tests. We also provide tutoring for high school Algebra.


The program is tailored to 8th graders entering into highschool geometry so they can excel in their first semester of school.


Taught by an experienced instructor, this seminar style class covers specific study skills for both fiction and non-fiction reading. Class discussions cover interesting topics while practice is focused on timed speed reading sessions and study skills.


We’re excited to announce a brand new writing curriculum written by a former colleague of renowned writing expert Lucy Calkins specifically for our students. This workshop will explore fictional writing and teach the skills to become a more advanced academic writer


Taught by native speakers, our Spanish class is run in a fun and interactive format to encourage students to become more comfortable, fluent and conversational.

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